Written by Rosalino Ramos

It was Cinco de Mayo, He was seated.
Suddenly he jumped up, screamed and said
“I am as passionate as Mole Poblano!”

He ran and ran until the chile de árbol choked him.
He fainted. When he revived, he screamed, “It burns!”

He sat and his mother served him a plate of
Mole Poblano. When he finished, he screamed
“I am more passionate than Mole Poblano!”
Written by Adrienne Williams (Age 9)

My brother’s shoes are always expensive.
Never out of match. He treats it like money grows on trees.

My father’s shoes are always dirty.
Like little chocolate cream all over his shoes.
Don’t worry he has 32.

My mother’s shoes are always fancy never dirty
not one bit at all.  But if I fall out of them
I have some explaining to do.

My shoes don’t match. I only have one it’s not my fault.
3 holes in them from running too much and
don’t get me started with my flip-flops.
Written by Michelle Malavet

Round and round did Rosie go
She held on tight and never let go
One day she met a fine lookin' man
He asked if he could have her hand
She offered the left, held on with her right
When she split in two it was an awful sight
Written by Jacqueline Johnson

Even if you don't believe it
When your tears have formed a river

Even if it’s just a hollowed out sound
Practice, Perfect your Laugh

When the world sings you praises
When it denies you. If it silences you

If everyone has left you alone
If they should return in a dream

It is our only salvation
If anger & self-pity threaten to take you down
Written by Michelle Malavet

Mary complained about the weather.
Mary complained about her weight.
Mary complained about the traffic
and about always having to wait.

On Monday Mary wanted ham,
and all they served was fish.
She complained about the menu
as she ate her second dish.

On Tuesday Mary got the gout.
She complained about that too.
Mary never got her way
and for Mary, this was nothing new.

On Friday Mary ate more fish
and died a bitter death.
On her way out she complained about
everything, until her last breath.
Written by Adrienne Williams (Age 9)

The smooth air rushing towards me.
I did it me the air is free.
Making the trees shiver.
Never ever stop it unlocked
it’s going to be like that forever.
It’s going to be free air.
Forever there’s no fear.
I saved the air
Below are some of the Poems-Turned-Into-Songs I created for the
NY Writer's Coalition podcast. The poets ranged in age from 9 to adult.

In some cases, I took musical license in refashioning the poems as songs,
but hopefully I've not strayed from the original intent or spirit of the words.